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Planning Division

With Ex-Army Builders Ltd, you will receive your own dedicated project manager within our Planning division, who will support and advise you throughout the whole Architectural Design & Planning process. We cover all the design and planning elements needed to get planning applications passed. 


We work with several specialists, that are hand picked from the best of the best and depending on the nature of your project we can get the right people to cover the right areas:  Planning consultants, Architects in either hand sketched or CAD 3D designs. Structural Engineers and Arboricultural & Ecological surveyors, we have all your development needs under one roof giving you one point of contact throughout. 

No matter which direction your project needs to go, you have our dedicated support.

  • Land case review

  • Architectural Drawings (Hand sketched or 3D).

  • Application submissions to local Authorities.

  • Arboricultural & Ecological Surveys.

  • Appeal Submissions with dedicated planning consultant.

  • Structural Engineer drawings and calculations.

  • Building Control Inspections and certificates.

Over the many years of our experience, we have found many pros and cons with the design process. Yes you maybe able to shop about, haggle Architects and Engineers down in price. BUT are you really saving?

 We continually found the answer was NO i.e:

  • The cheaper you pay an Engineer simple means, you're paying for less time on your design. Essentially you could end up with an over engineered project. More steels = more money.

  • The cheaper you haggle down on a planning consultant can mean less time spent on your appeal process Essentially your chances of success is lowered.

  • Not having to repeat your projects dreams over and over again, each time missing something with each element/company, time is money as well as energy.

  • Knowing you have one point of contact doing all the chasing for you, that's a whole lot of time saved.

  • Also we have a higher interest in getting your applications passed, than some architectural providers. 

       We want the next stage. The Project Build

Example Design & Planning Process

If you would like to discuss your project ideas and start the ball rolling on your dream, please get in Contact with us as soon as possible.

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